Located at 197 Warren Ave. East Penticton BC

Busy Beans Play Cafe Rules


* Our play cafe is 100% parent\guardian supervised facility. All children must be accompanied by a RESPONSIBLE ADULT (age 18 or older) who MUST remain on the premises at all times. Busy Beans Play Cafe DOES NOT provide daycare for children.

*A signed Release of Liability and Rules acknowledgement must accompany admission.

*No birthday parties allowed without a reservation. No outside balloons, cake and party supplies permitted without a party booking.

*No strollers are permitted inside the play areas , but can be stored in the stroller parking area just outside the windows of the play cafe. Please store stroller in folded position to make room for other guests if it is busy.

*NO food, gum, candy or drinks inside any of the play areas. Parents\guardians may use the wall shelves for cafe purchased coffee\hot drinks. Please keep all feeding in the designated eating areas. breastfeeding moms are welcome to feed anywhere in the facility that is comfortable. Please do not allow children to roam with bottles in any of the play areas.

*No outside food or drinks are permitted in the play cafe. We are a full service cafe with many healthy options. We are not a peanut free facility, but are allergy aware.

*Children MUST be accompanied in to the restrooms. (for adults, please take your child with you to use the restroom. Do not leave your child unsupervised in any of the play area rooms.)



*Diapering MUST be done in the designated changing areas, not in any of the play areas. Diapers and wipes can be provided if needed.

*No climbing up the slides, children must go down feet first only. And no toys permitted on any of the slides. Children MUST be 

*Socks are required for EVERYONE entering the play areas. No shoes or bare feet allowed. NO EXCEPTIONS. There are socks available for $2 upon entering if you need. Indoor slippers are also okay if only worn indoors.

*Children over 3 years old are NOT permitted in the infant play area. Exception, f a parent\guardian has more than one child and their ages overlap between both play areas, they may stay together as long as the child conducts themselves in a calm, quiet manner and respects the other infants and baby toys in that space. 

*NO pushing, shoving, spitting, biting, rough play, or inappropriate language permitted. Staff reserve the right to request that any individual not adhering to these rules leave the facility immediately.

*Parents\guardians are expected to enforce the rules to the children in your care. If damage, or injuries occurs to other children or to our property from your children not being apropriately monitored, parents may be asked to leave by Busy Beans  staff. 



*Accidents happen! If your child soils, or makes a mess please let staff know immediately so we can properly sanitize the area. 

*We are not responsible for lost, stolen or broken items.

*NO guests will be permitted to enter if they are ill. Please be sure that adults\children are free of any illnesses. 

*no adults permitted in bounce house or climbing equipment.

*Busy Beans Play Cafe is allowed a capacity of 60 people total at one time, due to Fire Regulations. So if we are busy, there may be a slight wait time to enter.


 *Children and parents\guardians not following Busy Beans Play Cafe Rules will be asked to leave the premises immediately, and no refund will be given.